At AUTO REFRESH we do things a little differently; 


The AUTO isn't just for Automotive, but also for Automatically. Our industry leading valet model is based around a monthly subscription service, allowing us to automatically get you booked in for your next vehicle clean, working around your day-to-day diary. It allows us to offer very affordable and convenient valet services right to your door each & every month (or more often if you'd like). This means you don't have to queue with the masses at the busy local hand car wash - saving you from sitting in that awkward plastic chair in the drizzly middle of winter, watching your car get cleaned. It also means you don't have to worry about the automated car wash being broken at your local supermarket, it going crazy and taking off your wing mirror, or it still not starting despite you entering the code correctly twice already. 

We are a friendly & local, mobile service, covering Norwich and surrounding areas. But that's not all. We are especially passionate about the REFRESH bit of our name too. It makes us feel fuzzy inside thinking that doing our job might recapture a teeny bit of that excitable kid-like feeling you got when you first got your car, or perhaps we can help to make you feel more proud of the vehicle than you've ever been, or maybe, if you're using it for work, to make sure you don't get shouted at for eating too many Wotsits between jobs or meetings.


Convenience, value for money and above all else building relationships that last with customers (and their vehicles - some of which have names too) are at the heart of everything we do.

Because of this we tailor our subscriptions, high quality work and excellent service to ensure that you're happy with what we do. 

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